Industrial gas springs

Bansbach easylift® has been developing and producing all types of gas springs (standard, locking, traction, stainless steel, and customized gas springs) for more than 50 years. Modern production processes and a certified quality system, guarantee that Bansbach gas springs are of the highest qualitiy standard.

The Bansbach easylift® system offers you the greatest possible flexibility: Products in every size, force und implementation. Bansbach Gas springs are manufactured out of the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials. The world-wide company, with over 50 years of experience in the production of gas springs, has always stood for quality.

Advantages of Bansbach gas springs:

  • Highest corrosion resistance achieved through powder coated cylinders and CeramPro® treated piston rod surfaces.
  • Minimal friction for the production of lowest extension forces.
  • Best life cycles
  • Protection against vibration and light side forces.
  • Integrated grease chamber
  • Low break away forces
  • Installation and storage in any position

The CeramPro® surface is an innovative development of the Bansbach, which offers maximum rust and corrosion resistance of the piston rod. This special treatment provides an extremely smooth surface, providing superior protection against abrasion tot he rod.


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