Gas traction springs

Our wide variety of easylift gas traction springs offers "attractive" solutions for creative engineers. Controlled pulling and adjusting also dampened on request - according to your requirements.

Easylift gas traction springs are also available with your requested pull-in force and all other features, e. g. end damping or length suited exactly to your application.

The continuous production of special sizes and our extensive stock of components and parts enable us to meet nearly all requirements within a remarkably short time.


  • Highest corrosion resistance achieved through powder coated cylinders and CeramPro treated piston rod surfaces
  • Minimal friction for the production of lowest extension forces
  • Best life cycles
  • Protection against vibration and light side forces
  • Integrated grease chamber
  • Low breaks away forces
  • Installation and storage in any position


Technical parameters depending on type:

  • Available in standard pull and lockable pull designs
  • Pulling force from 30 to 4000 N
  • Stroke 10 to 600 mm
  • Progression 25-60%
  • Standard, fast and slow operation

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Adjusting The Force Of Your Gas Spring
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