Minimess® Instruments

The instruments Hydrotechnik offers with its product capabilities in combination with professional software offer a huge range of functions – mobile as well as fixed. 


 Except for the MultiSystem 4010, all instruments of the MultiSystem family are able to conduct predefined testing procedures and save results.

MultiSystem 8050

The MultiSystem 8050 is also an easy to control unit. It has a total of 32 channels (optional 40), clear display, and a large number of measured values that can be presented easily. This makes the MultiSystem 8050 an ideal instrument for measurements at complex systems. 

  • Suitable for complex measurements: Up to 30 channels, optionally 40, shown on one TFT display at the same
  • Clear and user-friendly: Touchscreen display and logical menu structure
  • Live-analysis of the measured data: perfect line charts on the huge monitor
  • Universal possibilities for applications: analog and digital inputs and outputs, diverse interfaces


 MultiControl 8050

The MultiControl 8050, in comparison to the MultiSystem 8050, has no display. The MultiControl 8050 has the same performance as the MultiSystem 8050. Just connect the instrument with your pc via USB or Ethernet and the handling is easy and comfortable with the free software package HYDROlink.

MultiSystem 5060 Plus

The MultiSystem 5060 Plus can be named as a “mobile all-rounder”. With its 24 channels, a data memory up to 2 GB and an efficient firmware, it is a perfect mobile measuring device for mobile applications.

The MultiSystem 5060 Plus saves measuring channels with a sample rate up to 10 kHz. The display which shows graphics, can analyze your measurement while recording the data. With a USB-stick you can transfer the data quickly from the instrument to you pc. Online measurements are also possible.

  • Easy to handle: flexible, logical menu structure and keypad
  • Display: huge, high-definition color display with for clear images
  • Live-analysis of the measured data: perfect line charts with zoom-function
  • Efficient: fast 32-bit processor, long-lasting accumulator, 200 data collections with 2.000.000 measured values, max. 8 hours battery-supplied Operation
  • Fast: Quick connection with USB 2.0
  • Premium housing: light, but impact-proof housing with strong pins/access
  • Tool for diagnosis: Full diagnosis for average and high complex systems, 24 channels free for defined measurements
  • Universal possibilities for applications: analog and digital inputs and outputs, diverse interfaces


MultiSystem 4010

The handy mobile MultiSystem 4010 has 12 channels. It allows full diagnosis for average and high complex systems. The MultiSystem 4010 saves measuring channels with a sample rate up to 1 kHz. 

  • Easy to handle: flexible one-hand-concept, logical menu structure
  • Live-analysis of the measured data: perfect line charts for clear line diagrams
  • Rugged design: impact-proof housing with strong pins/access
  • High flexibility: 12 channels for various measurands




MultiHandy 2025

Your mission: Measure precisely complex modern hydraulic system data!
You have the perfect Instrument: The new MultiHandy 2025.

  • Easy & fast: connect, measure, read & record: Pressure, Temperature, Flow, RPM etc
  • Flexible & multifunctional: measure most industrial sensor inputs - both analogue and frequency
  • Digital & powerful: measure pressure peaks easily stored and recalled
  • Precise and sustainable: Made to the highest standards to suit your environment
  • Fast & Ready: Fast data transmission for accurate recording & sharing of key events


MultiHandy 3020

The MultiHandy 3020 fulfils with its 3 input channels, a rugged housing and a USP port, the basic requirements for mobile data measurement reliably. The MultiHand 3025 is identical to the MultiHandy 3020 (link), except its capacitive keypad and its new control panel. This allows a one-hand-operation and accelerates the scrolling on the different keys and lists.

  • Flexible: 2 analog measuring inputs, and 1 frequency measuring input
  • Easy to handle: huge keys, illuminated display
  • Suited for field application: rugged aluminium housing
  •  Huge internal memory: For around 1 Million measure values
  • Powerful battery supply: Measuring the whole day without charging
  • Intuitive operations: with capacitive keypad


The MultiBox is a “smart” measuring box for the use with a PC or Laptop. It is available in three versions and can be used with the whole Hydrotechnik product portfolio.

The basic version is the MultiBox 3060. It is a measuring box without memory which and can be operated without power pack. It gets its power supply via a USB-port from the PC/Laptop.

The MultiBox 3061 has an internal memory and due to its rugged design it is very well suited for field measurements and tests under difficult environmental conditions.

With its Ethernet interface, the MultiBox 3065 can be integrated into network architectures and programmed and operated with the HYDRO work.


The product family MultiXtend includes handy, additional devices to expand the instruments of MultiSystem. Theses tools support you with further input connections for sensors with analog or frequency input signals. 

MultiXtend A

With the devices of the MultiXtend A Series additional analog sensors can be connected eg. to a MultiSystem. The sensor signals are digitized and transmitted to the measuring instrument via CAN bus. The MultiXtend A provides four inputs for analogue sensors and is available with input ranges of 0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA resp. with screw terminals or M16 connectors.

MultiXtend f

The MultiXtend f series was designed to be able to directly connect frequency sensors to CAN-enabled instruments. With the MultiXtend f you can increase the number of monitored frequency sensors attached to a MultiSystem. The MultiXtend f is available in two versions, either 1 or 4 inputs.


MultiXtend NPN

The MultiXtend NPN converts the NPN output signal of a frequency sensor into a PNP signal that can be fed into Hydrotechnik measuring instruments.

MultiXtend Split

The MulitXtend Split is a galvanically separated signal splitter for analog sensors. You may e.g. connect a mounted pressure sensor to a machine display and also connect to a hand held measuring device at the same time.

MultiXtend Thermo

A MultiXtend Thermo is always correct when temperatures are to be measured. Regardless whether you wish to forward the signal of one sensor analog or connect up to four sensor directly via the CAN bus.

MultiXtend Trigger

The MultiXtend Trigger is a box to distribute a trigger signal to up to four measuring systems. Data storage of a trigger will be initiated via a MultiSystem 5060 at maximum 4 further measuring systems at the same time. This allows the user to run synchronised recordings on up to 96 channels that can be combined later on a PC using HYDROcom.

MultiXtend UI

A MultiXtend UI serves the galvanic isolation and conversion of voltage or current for the measurement of an analog input.


Other instruments


Patrick the particle counter

Patrick is an optical particle monitor working according to the light-extinction principle. It can be used to monitor the impurity level and the purity trend of liquids very accurately.


SEG 1060

The SEG 1060 is a one-channel instrument, optional available with analog and digital output, for mounting into panels. The SEG 1060 is perfectly tuned to the Hydrotechnik sensors. Due to small dimensions it can be integrated without problems and can be operated completely from the front panel. With its four buttons and the logical menu structure it has an easy handling. The huge digital display allows comfortable reading.



The MultiEPC is an electronic pressure switch. It is available in standard and DESINA conforming versions with rotatable casing and digital pressure display. The MultiEPC is available either with one or two independant, programmable limit switches, and one analog output. The measured data can be read out by output signals from 0/4 until 20 mA. 


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