Wörner Separating stops

Wörner separating stops portfolio comprises more than 2,000 items, grouped into four product families and cover bulk ranges from 10kg up to 3,000 kg. They include damped, undamped, pneumatic and electric separating stops, angle dampers, index cylinders and anti-bounce stops. Wörner components are ideal for applications that demand the very best in terms of technology, quality, functions and uptime.

All Wörner modules are

  • available in diverse versions that can be configured flexibly to create made-to-measure, end-to-end solutions,
  • compatible with diverse transfer systems,
  • durable and maintenance-free,
  • made using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to the highest standards of environmental protection.

Automated assembly systems are employed for the manufacture of many types of products. Wörner components on production lines: ideal for ensuring efficient stop-and-go. A conveyor system precisely moves the workpiece holder from station to station. Wörner components perform key tasks within these assembly systems:

  • They stop the workpiece holders at accumulation sections, and then clear them individually for downstream transport.
  • They decelerate the workpiece holders at assembly stations, and position them precisely for subsequent machine/manual processing.
  • Once processed, the workpiece holders are cleared for transport to the next station.

The choice of Wörner components depends on the speed, shape, weight and robustness of the workpiece and the type of assembly process.

1. Seperating stops

Pneumatic undamped
  • Lowering stroke: 7mm – 50mm
  • Pallet weight: 70kg – 810kg (at 6m/min)
  • Max. propelling force: 48N – 549N

Available types (Click on it for data sheet):

D0-70 /D0-120/D0-140 /D0-200 /D0-300 /PNU-390 /D0-400 /D0-400-R /D0-800 /D0-810


Pneumatic damped
  • Lowering stroke: 7mm – 15mm
  • Pallet weight: 10kg – 300kg (at 6m/min)
  • Max. propelling force: 7N – 2060N
  • Damping stroke: 10mm – 46mm

Available types (Click on it for data sheet):

DBS-18 /DBS-20-60 /PND-65/DBS-140 /DBS-150 /DBS-150-T4 /DBS-170 /DBS-240 /DBS-240-R /DBS-255 /DBS-300 /DBS-410 /DBS-450 /DBS-1150 /DBS-2000 /DBS-3000 /DBSS06 /DBSS10 /DBSSI-20 /DBSST-35 /DBSST-130 /DBSU-150 /DBSU-270


Electric undamped
  • Lowering stroke: 7mm – 14mm
  • Pallet weight: 20kg – 300kg (at 6m/min)
  • Max. propelling force: 20N – 206N

Available types (Click on it for data sheet):

DEL0-65 /DEL0-120/DELW /ELU-20 /ELU-30

Electric damped
  • Lowering stroke: 8mm – 20mm
  • Pallet weight: 60kg – 1350kg (at 6m/min)
  • Max. propelling force: 60N – 750N
  • Damping stroke: 13mm – 25mm

Available types (Click on it for data sheet):

DEL-350-S2 /DEL-60 /ELD-40 /ELD-65 /ELD-70 /ELD-140 /ELD-190 /ELD-195 /ELD-430 /ELD-660​​​​​​​ /ELD-1200 /DEL-235 /DEL-400 /DEL-630 /DEL-650 /DEL-800 /DEL-1100​​​​​​​


Pneumatic damped for roller systems
  • Lowering stroke: 8mm – 25mm
  • Pallet weight: 30kg – 550kg (at 6m/min), except 900kg (at 9m/min)
  • Max. propelling force: 21N – 618N
  • Damping stroke: 5,8mm – 28mm

Available types (Click on it for data sheet):

DBSR-30/DBSR-270 /DBSR-400 /DBSR-550/DBSR-1000​​​​​​​

2. Angle dampers

  • Pallet weight: 15kg – 400kg (at 6m/min), except 1100kg (at 9m/min)
  • Damping stroke: 7mm – 29mm

Available types:

DBSQ-15/DBSQ-20-60 /DBSQ-65 /DBSQ-170 /DBSQ-150-T4/DBSQ-270/DBSQ-300 /DBSQ-400 /DBSQ-1100 /DBSQ-135

3.Index cylinders

  • Stroke: 25mm – 31,5mm
  • Force: 490N – 2200N

Available types:

DI-490 /DI-1050 /DI-2200-25-001


4. Anti-Bounce stops

  • Stroke: 8mm

Available types:


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