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For the application of the instruments with data processing, Hydrotechnik develops its own software in-house. With HYDROcenter,HYDROcom6, HYDROlink, HYDROgen,HYDROrun as well as HYDROboot, Hydrotechnik supports you in achieving your measurement requirements. From the data analysis, over remote control to your instrument, up to programmed test procedures, Hydrotechnik offers you the right product for your application, which save time and money.


The HYDROcenter automatically ensures that your device always has the latest version of the Hydrotechnik software & firmware.  There is no need to visit a website to download a certain software version. The installation and update of the firmware on your Hydrotechnik measuring instruments is quick and easy. The new HYDROcenter can be used for initial setup of the device, as an update tool, and offline for firmware updates. During the initial setup only the HYDROcenter software is needed to put a Hydrotechnik instrument into operation. Within HYDROcenter more software products, firmware and documentation can be downloaded and installed.

As an updating tool, HYDROcenter ensures that all hardware and software products are up to date and keeps the user informed about the newest updates. Each time you exit the software, e.g. HYDROcom6,
HYDROcenter checks whether updates are available and offers the user an installation. Alternatively HYDROcenter updates can be configured manually. To perform a firmware update for the supported measuring devices, HYDROcenter can be also used offline, by selecting and using a firmware file (BIN file).

HYDROcenter offers a lot of advantages: 

  • Your Hydrotechnik instruments and software products always stay up to date
  • The user is actively notified of the newest software and firmware updates
  • There is no need to constantly search for updates
  • Product documentation can be easily downloaded by HYDROcenter

System requirements: 

  • Windows 7
  • Internet connection
  • MH2025, MH3020 up from Firmware 1.1, MS4010, MS5060 and MS5060plus

HYDROcom 6

With HYDROcom 6 you can master all tasks, including downloading, displaying, analysing, processing and presenting measurement data. HYDROcom 6 is the main product according measurements made with Hydrotechnik instruments. It meets all basic demands like data download, data presentation, data analysis as well as presentation. HYDROcom 6 is available free of charge with all Hydrotechnik measuring devices and systems.

 Your benefit at a glance:

  • Fast data processing: Data transfer, import, export
  • Fast data preparation, data evaluation, data analysis, data preparation
  • Presentation of the measurement: diagrams, charts, histograms
  • Digital documentation: Test report, test certificate, Quality assurance-reports


HYDROlink allows operating Hydrotechnik measurement systems by remote control. Comfortable from your PC or where a local presence for measurement isn’t possible, HYDROlink offers you full access to all functions of the instruments. It is available for MultiSystem 8050, MultiSystem 5060 as well as MultiSystem 5060 Plus.

Your benefit at a glance:

  • Remote control of the instruments: Full control about all functions by control access
  • Online measurement: Measuring data online and save them on the pc

HYDROlink 6 Base

The all-new HYDROlink 6 Base software makes processing your data easy. Capabilities include downloading, displaying, analyzing, processing and presentation of measurement results. Everything can be done with a few very simple steps.

The HYDROlink software provides the simplest application and displays your test result in PDF format or as a printout. 
In addition to the precision of the software, ease of use was a priority in the development. With just a few clicks, all important functions can be achieved.

The HYDROlink 6 Base software offers many advantages:

  • Online measurement: measured data online and stored on the PC

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7
  • Processor Intel i3 multi-core processor with at least 2.5 Ghz or equivalent
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • We recommend using a 64bit operating system
  • Adobe Reader, for reading out the generated PDF files
  • MH2020, MH2025, MH3020, MS4010, MS5060, MS5060 plus, MS8050, MC8050


With HYDROgen you can program measuring and test routines e.g. for serial product testing or standardized measuring tasks in the field of service and maintenance. Programming is done with graphical elements and requires no programming skills.

Your benefit at a glance:

  • Requires no programming skills
  • Standardization of measuring tasks: Error prevention for quality intensification
  • Documentation: Follow all steps of measuring


With HYDROrun you can execute the test procedure at your instrument or you pc, which you have programmed with HYDROgen. HYDROrun monitors the compliance with parameter and controls the processes.

Your benefit at a glance:

  • Error prevention: Clear given measurement tasks, the user can’t change the programming (in comparison to HYDROrun)
  • Documentation: Follow all steps of measuring


HYDROboot supports your instrument fast and save with the newest firmware-update. (Not for MultiHandy 2020)

Your benefit at a glance: Actuality: The instrument can be updated years after buying to provide new functions.

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