Rubber Profiles

A/S H. Sindby & Co. has been dealing in rubber profiles, edge profiles, sponge rubber and rubber plates for more than 75 years. We are pleased to offer our vast experience in this field and to answer questions about chemical resistance, UV impact, hardness, tractability, elongation at break etc.

At present we have some 7,000 available tools at our disposal. Profiles currently not within our selection can be made from a drawing or draft. 


  • Edge trims,
  • Special profiles,
  • Rubber cord,
  • U-profiles,
  • P-profiles,
  • Glazing sections,
  • Filler strips,
  • Sponge rubbers,
  • Cellular rubbers,
  • Fenders,
  • Rail lists,
  • Sico trim,
  • Rubber mats,
  • Rubber buffers,
  • Special profiles for tailboard,



industrial, building industry, vehicle industry, etc.

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Norbert Turi
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