BOSCHERT safety chucks

Since the beginning of 2012, Bibus Kft. offers safety chucks of BOSCHERT GmbH, which has been in the market for more than 50 years.

A safety chuck ; which includes a rotating wheel with a wearing part to connect with a winding shaft, a housing, flange or foot mounting, and an optional shaft end for usage of brakes, is a modern product for winding and unwinding systems.

Multiple-size safety chucks can carry an axle load from 150 kg to 64,000 kg and it is possible to install different size shafts, with square bar dimensions from 14 mm to 230 mm. Units can operate under a wide range of torque, between 40 Nm and 41000 Nm.

From design point of view, difference is strong. The main difference between the "C" type, classical and "VT" type interchangeable units is; the purchase price for type C is lower, but in case of wear and tear, it is necessary to replace the whole unit where it is enough to replace the inserts with new ones for VT types.

In addition to the hand-opening types, the pneumatic and automatic designs are also available for  enchanced automation.

For finer settings, versions are available that can be adjusted in axial direction, so they can be operated with different shafts with varying lengths without any problem.

Multiple options are available for the units, including; handwheel locks, increased opening angle, extended full length, electronic position monitoring, etc.

BOSCHERT offers several accessories: aluminum cones for centering, manual and pneumatic brakes and a controller for tension control systems.

Main applications: paper industry, printing industry, packaging industry, rubber industry, steel industry and practically all sectors where rolling is present.

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