HB-damper - hydraulic damper with adjustable damping force

With these hydraulic dampers from Bansbach® easylift, speed in push-in and push-out direction can be adjusted very precisely.

The speed is controlled in both directions. The damping intensity of these dampers can be adjusted by turning the piston rod.

The size of the HB-dampers offers the biggest possible flexibility.

The dampers will be pre-adjusted before the assembly into the application and therefore, the damping intensity can be adjusted ideally.


Advantages of HB- dampers:

  • Approved Bansbach quality
  • Adjustable damping force
  • Damping possible in push direction, pull direction or in both directions
  • Black CeramPro®-coated piston rod
  • Guiding piece with integrated grease chamber
  • Wide range of connecting parts



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HB Damper Demonstration
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