Gripping & Moving Components

The Gripper is like the fingers of a man, picking up and placing objects vertically or horizontally. You can select appropriate products according to the object's weight and shape.

Rotary cylinder an apparatus that transforms the energy of pressurized air into rotational movement. The slide cylinder transport object vertically and horizontally.

When Grippers are attached to the slide cylinder, the slide could function as man`s hands.


  • 2 Finger Parallel Grippers
  • Centric Grippers
  • Angular Grippers
  • Air Chuck
  • Grip & Rotate
  • Mechanical Gripper


Slide Cylinders

  • Double Speed Type
  • Up-Down Transfer Type
  • Plate Transfer Type
  • Body Transfer Type
  • Linear Type


Rotary Cylinders

  • Single Type
  • Double Type
  • Swivel Unit



Special Cylinders

  • Pick & place unit
  • Separator
  • Knock Cylinder
  • Supply Device




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