BANSBACH EASYLIFT - We Are Your Temperature Expert

Our gas springs are high-quality products and can be used in the most extreme applications, depending on the design.

Temperature ranges from -55°C to +200°C are possible.

We offer a total of four temperature set-ups for the gas springs:

  • Standard-Setup (-20°C until +80°C)
  • Cold-Setup (-40°C until + 80°C)
  • Aerospace-/extreme application-Setup (-55°C until +80°C)
  • Heat-Setup (-20°C until 200°C)


  • The standard setup is mainly used in applications such as furniture or medical technology.
  • The cold set-up is used in a variety of applications, e.g. in ski lifts or cold rooms.
  • The aviation/extreme application set-up is mainly used in aviation, e.g. in aeroplanes, helicopters or even space capsules.
  • The heat set-up is mainly used in photovoltaic systems in the desert or in ovens.
  • It is clearly evident that gas springs are used in many extreme applications at a wide range of temperatures.

Does your application start to sweat? Our gas spring stays cool!

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Bansbach easylift gas springs are high quality products and can be used in extreme applications depending on the design. Numer-ous factors influence the durability of our gas springs and accordingly the limits must not be exceeded. Basis are standard types according to our catalogue. Dimensional changes from standard lengths are possible, but must be requested individu-ally. Please note that the damping behavior/lifetime can be affected when used in the maximum temperature ranges. We have defined 4 ranges for the optimum products in our temperature scales.

*In minus temperature we recommend using a scraper

Attention: Reduced forces!

When using high-temperature sealings, numerous in-fluencing factors must be taken into account. The maximum permissible extension force per series de-pends on the desired operating temperature.

The specific test in your application is strongly recommended.

Examples for Heat-Setup:

  • Oven and depanning systems: Side door lift assist gas spring
  • Automated paint booth: Vehicle door/trunk lift assist during painting operation
  • Solar panels for Desert environments: Angle adjustment of heavy panels
  • High Temp molds and casting: Tilting lift assist for full molds
  • Engine Hatch: Hatch lift assist on heavy doors
  • Fire escape Doors: Lift assist on escape doors during emergency
  • Smoker Lids: Lift assist for main doors (and keeping them open from wind gusts)

For More Technical Assistance and Quotation please contact our Colleague:

Norbert Turi:   +36 20 421 4988