Roller rails


  • For light and medium loads
  • Low type for space saving design
  • Corrosion resistant types
  • Light weight aluminum body



  • For light and medium loads
  • Compact U-profile with inside carriage
  • Corrosion resistant types
  • Self alignment carriages
  • Excellent design made of anodized aluminum



  • For balancing errors in parallelism, height and angle errors
  • High speed up to 8 m/s
  • Acceleration up to 20 m/s²
  • Dust resistant due to inside position of the raceways



  • Induction-hardened steel rails
  • Precise and low-priced guides
  • High traverse speed
  • Easy fitting and maintenance
  • Dirt resistant
  • Rust protected product types
  • Cold drawn or ground surface



  • Circular rails based on V-Line profiles
  • Generic circuits
  • Single sectors joined together with straight pieces to obtain oval or ring circuits
  • Rolled vertical rails for big radii
  • Rust protection by surface coating possible



  • Linear Guides with tapered roller bearings
  • Ultra heavy load RolBloc carriages
  • Surface coated guide rails
  • Corrosion resistant guide rollers
  • Robust and shock resistant for highest loads



  • Stable and robust telescopic guides in first-class workmanship
  • For loads from 10 up to 1.000 kg
  • Corrosion protection by coatings and stainless steel types
  • Special types and special functions, end position damping, locking devices, locking pins, etc.


Cam Followers

  • Large range of sizes from diameter 5 mm to 320 mm
  • Heavy duty range with metal seals for harsh environment
  • Full complement needle or roller bearing inside
  • Double cam follower
  • Customized designs and stainless steel versions
  • High quality products made in EU


Needle Bearings

  • Sizes up to 300 mm outside diameter
  • Thrust bearings with retained plate for easy fitting
  • Good lubricant retention and dust protection
  • Combined bearings for easy assembly
  • Precision bearings for high loads
  • Needle bushes and needle bearings – full complement and caged types

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