Telescopic slides

  • robust telescopic slides in industrial quality and precision
  • for loads up to 1 750 kg
  • various anti-corossion protections and stainles steel option
  • part extensions, full extensions and over extensions

The different lines consist of 3 basic types. Part extensions have strokes, which is about 50-70% of the mounting dimensions of the whole slide.

The stroke of the full extension types is 100% of the mounting length. This type consist of a "Z" line and Heavy Duty line. The over extensions consist of 4 parts.

This allows the stroke to be up to 150% of the mounting dimensions.

Partial extension

extension of about 50 - 70% of the installation length


100% extension installation length

Full extension

extension 100% installation length

Robust for heavy load

extension 100% installation length

Longer extension

extension 150% installation length

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