Linear rails

The Thomson Profile Rail assortment consists of the next generation Profile Rail 500 Series ball and roller linear guides, AccuMini, compact miniature MicroGuideTM, and lightweight T-Series.  It is a complete offering of rails and carriages in a broad range of styles, sizes and unique features produced to industry standard dimensions for easy retrofitting into existing applications or designing into new applications.


  • Thomson 500 series ball linear guides provide long life, exceptional rigidity, high dynamic and static load capacities, and accommodation for high moment loads, high running accuracy, multiple sealing options and multiple lubrication inlet options. The resulting reduction in vibration extends machine and tool life and has a direct effect on operational efficiency.
  • 500 series ball profile rail carriages are now available with ball spacer elements that significantly reduce the running noise of the carriage. The noise reduction is achieved by inserting plastic discs between each ball bearing. This reduces noise by preventing the balls from contacting each other.
  • The Thomson 500 series roller linear guide offers higher load carrying capacity, lower elastic deformation and lower wear with minimum rolling friction.  Rigidity is achieved by using the equivalent of a back-to-back bearing arrangement, complemented by special rollers that are crowned to prevent roller edge loading when misalignment is present.
  • Thomson's AccuMini linear guides offer a superior, patented ball control design for smooth, quiet, low friction linear motion even at high speeds. AccuMini's Gothic arch ball groove geometry provides high roll moment capacity - a requirement for stand-alone applications.
  • Thomson's MicroGuide® is a miniature guidance system that provides corrosion resistance in certain clean room and wash down applications. MicroGuide's two track Gothic arch ball groove geometry enables single rail application. 
  • T-Series is an aluminium guidance system using hardened steel inserts in carriages and rails to provide a low-weight solution for critical, high performance applications.  This high quality product is made from aircraft aluminium alloy with hardened steel load bearing plates and ball paths and is an ideal choice for applications requiring reduced weight inertia.


Typical Applications

  • Industrial Automation
  • Machine Tool Equipment
  • Material Handling
  • Precision Measuring Equipment
  • Industrial Robots
  • Food Processing Equipment

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