Our supply program as brakes and clutches are available in a very wide range - so it is always the best product we can offer for customer needs.

We can provide complex solutions any up- and down rolling task.

Our supply program includes brakes (electromagnetic / magnetic particle / pneumatic), controllers, sensors, power supplies as well.

The suppliers of BIBUS Kft. (Warner Electric, Whichita, Twiflex, Stromag, Thomson) the full range of customer needs with clutch, brake, or a combination of these can offer.

In addition to standard catalog products, customer specific solutions, construction suppliers are also partners.

Within the tension control management field they can offer solutions for up- and down rolling application even in component and system level.




  • Electro-magnetic clutches,
  • Toothed clutches,
  • Electro-magnetic brakes,
  • Electro-magnetic safety brakes,
  • Electrically operated multi-disc clutches and brakes,
  • Clutch-brake combinations,
  • Adjustable clutches and brakes,
  • Pneumatic clutches and brakes,
  • Hydraulic clutches and brakes,
  • Bevel gear clutches
  • Shaft diameter: 14-1200mm
  • Torque:1.780-1.737.500 Nm
  • Sensors: ultrasonic potentiometer ultrahangos, potenciométer,
  • Controllers: for open and closed loop systems,
  • Power supplies.



  • Clutch - brake combination: with safety brake, too; in 7.5-970 Nm torque range
  • Clutches and brakes: electro-magnetic, pneumatic and mechanic operation for 1,7-204.800 Nm torque range
  • Safety clutches: in single and dual disc design for 5-25.600 Nm torque range.


Application area:

  • Electric motors,
  • Conventional machine,
  • Packaging macines, food-industrial machines,
  • Handling units,
  • Custom machines, building-, paper-, plastic- pressing and textil - industrial machines, tension control systems.






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