Decentralized servo technology

Decentralized: Smaller, less wiring –this is the look of automation tomorrow

The new AKD-N and AKD-C: Kollmorgen’s design for the future

With the AKD-N Kollmorgen has developed a new generation of decentralized servo drive technology for the design of next-generation machines. The system consists of DC supplied AKD-N servo drive powered directly from the AKD-C central power supply module. Up to 16 drives can be connected to each power supply, with an up to 4 kW performance rating per axis. The main advantages of the new technology include dramatically reduced cabling costs, the high fl exibility of the streamlined system, low hardware complexity and a connection system that is unparalleled.


Saving cost, and efficient use of resources 

  • Less cabling, less copper, less costs
  • No ventilation, decreased power consumption
  • No derating for motors
  • Fast connection for decreased installation costs
  • More freedom for motor selection
  • Fewer components for greater reliability
  • Decentralized and centralized technology brought together in to a single platform
  • Maximum functional standardization
  • Scalable Single-Cable solution
  • Resource effi ciency along the entire value chain
  • Motion-related I/O close to the motor


Selected benefits at a glance 

Smaller control cabinets

Placing the drive technology close to the location of the motion task makes cabinets smaller, reducing the overall size of the machine.

More power without compromise

Because the drive and motor are separated, the full rated motor power is available. In addition, this also allows easier integration in to the machine.

Thin cable: flexible, everything included

The complete wiring system uses a small, flexible, eleven millimeter cable: The eight way cable transmits the full power up to 10 kW, as well as Kollmorgen EtherCAT communication, brake control and supply, and safety-related communication, all in one cable.

Motors: a flexible selection

Synchronous, torque, linear or asynchronous motors: the decentralized AKD servo drives from Kollmorgen can control them all. This makes the machine less complicated. For each axis of motion, the best system can be confi gured without being limited by the complexity of choice.

Direct routes instead of distribution nodes

In addition to the drive control, the decentralized controllers manage the collection, analysis and forwarding of relevant motion I/O signals through of the DC bus. The result: Efficient cable routing without additional wiring junction boxes. This results in real benefi ts for lean automation with very good MTBF figures. This contributes to greater machine reliability.

Better than two: Single-Cable solution

All cabling is supplied to order with connectors. This makes the installation and assembly fast and safe. We offer additional savings with the innovative scalable single cable solution consisting of the digital Resolver SFD and Hiperface DSL for all machine applications.

Founded on a mature product line

Machine builders appreciate the AKD due to its application flexibility, combinability and standardized interfaces. These values were brought 1:1 from the IP 20 cabinet world – into a rugged decentralized design without   compromising functionality. Creating a complete harmonized architecture from the motion controller all the way to the motor shaft. Greater efficiency through a modular system.


AKD-N and AKD-C: Well thought through distributed servo technology

The decentralized Kollmorgen AKD-N servo technology and AKD-C power supply modules offer the same powerful technology as the centralized AKD IP20 control cabinet solutions. The advantage: all motor technologies such as servo-, linear and direct drive from Kollmorgen can be mixed and seamlessly connected to the complete Kollmorgen Motion and Automation platform.

AKD-N: Technical parameters 

  • Power up to 4 kW
  • Continuous current: 3A, 6A
  • Peak Current: 9A, 18A
  • Protection: IP67
  • Robust construction, high resistance to vibration
  • Temperature range: -10 to +40 ° C
  • Flexible installation options and cooling methods
  • Communication: EtherCAT (in preparation: SERCOS III,
  • Modbus TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profi net)
  • Feedback systems: SFD, BISS-C Comcoder, Hall sensors,
  • EnDat 2.1 and 2.2, Hiperface, Hiperface-DSL
  • Three digital inputs, there of two high-speed

AKD-C: Technical parameters 

  • External power supply: 400/480 V
  • Total output: 10 kW
  • System bus: EtherCAT
  • Innovative technique manages field bus and configuration communication seemlessly
  • DC bus voltage: 560/680 V DC
  • Two output lines
  • One STO for each line

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