MICRON Light curtains for measurement, automation and control

Light curtains for industrial and civil applications where it is necessary to detect, measure, and recognise objects.

Depending on the number and position of the beams engaged by an object, the measurement sensors can provide real time information to a PLC or PC in order to: 

  • Detect the presence or absence of objects;
  • perform a count;
  • detect a position;
  • detect a shape or a profile;
  • measure dimensions. 

From the MICRON product range 4 models available in relations to the outputs. 

MicronConfigurator software for PC, with graphic user interface, is supplied with each light curtain (models A and B only). 

Models A and B are provided with an M5 4-pole connector for parameter configuration and monitoring of the light curtain. It's a USB interface to be connected to a PC using the CSU M5 cable.

Available Models:


  • Two analog outputs (0 ... 10 VDC) model AV or (4 ... 20 mA) model AC with programmable functions + Two programmable digital outputs 0 or 24V.MICRON A
  • Solution providing simple measurement with easy interfacing.
  • Ideal for object measurement and detection of dimensional limits.
  • Can be provided in WT and WTH version but must be factory programmed. 


  • RS-485 serial line with programmable functions + two programmable digital outputs 0 or 24V.
  • Solution providing complete and detailed information on the status of each beam via the RS 485 serial line and, by means of the two solid state outputs, further on/off information related to the occurrence of the programmed conditions.
  • Ideal for dimensional measurement, detection of object profile and position.
  • Can be provided in WT and WTH version but must be factory programmed. 


  • Two digital antivalent outputs 0 or 24V without the need for programming.
  • Solution providing simple on/off information related to the status of the controlled area.
  • Ideal for piece counting and detection of object presence/absence in the controlled field.
  • Can be provided in WT and WTH version. 

Technical specification: 

  • Controlled heights (mm):
    • 150 ... 1800 – models with beams spacing 5 mm
    • 150 ... 3000 mm - models with beams spacing 10, 25, 30, 50, 75 mm.
  • Beam spacing (mm): 5, 10, 25, 30, 50, 75.
  • Max. range (m):
    • 2 - models with beam spacing 5 mm
    • 6 - models model for automatic warehouses with beams spacing 25, 50, 75 mm
    • 12 - models with beam spacing 30 mm
    • 18 - models with beam spacing 10, 25, 50, 75 mm.
  • Scan cycles: 1, 2, 3 selectable.
  • Synchronisation between emitter and receiver: optical or via cable, selectable.
  • LEDs signalling for operating status and light curtain self-diagnosis.
  • Power supply (VDC): 20%
  • Max. length connection cables between light curtain and interface (m): 100.
  • Operating temperature (°C): -10 ... + 55
  • Protection rating: IP 65 and IP 67.
  • Fastening mode: back slot, or to the top and lower end with SFB E180 rotating brackets (optional)
  • Cross-section dimensions (mm): 28 x 30 


  • Measurement of the height of objects in transit on conveyor systems.
  • Quality control: verification of presence / absence / position of holes.
  • Two-dimensional detection of objects in transit on conveyor systems with use of 2 light curtains.
  • Automatic warehouses.
  • Measurement and identification of cylinders of various sizes.
  • Detection of position and profile of pieces in automatic painting systems.
  • Loop control.
  • Quality control: verification of correct positioning of objects.
  • Detection of overall dimensional limits of vehicles for vehicle handling in automatic parking garages.
  • Measurement of the width and position of panels or sheets of material in transit on roller units or conveyor belts.


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