easyMotion - Bansbach hydraulic linear actuation systems

The linear hydraulic actuation system controls multiple adjustment cylinders synchronously. This is achieved by simultaneously controlling each cylinder separately. Whether light or heavy, easyMotion can be fitted on any application and can be customised to fit individual needs - even if on multiple legs. Numerous Bansbach gas spring components are used in the production of easyMotion, to guarantee quality.

easyMotion components
The easyMotion system consists of a hydraulic pump, adjustment cylinders and the tubes for connecting each component. The system can be operated using an electric motor or manual crank.

E-Cylinder - (not guided) Additional guide required, small diameter 

By accessing components from the Bansbach gas spring production, a large variety of cylinders can be offered. The E-Cylinder alone is not designed to absorb side forces and also requires an additional guide. 

Product Features: 

  • Max. Weight 900kg per system
  • Stroke Length: 150mm-400mm (special strokes from 30mm up to 600mm)
  • Force per E-Cylinder required to compress: 70N
  • Several connecting parts available
  • Special E-Cylinder designs available upon request 

 A-Cylinder - (guided cylinder) Additional guide not required 

A large assortment of A-Cylinder variations is available out of the gas spring production, guaranteeing our high quality components. The A-Cylinders do not require further guiding and can be mounted directly onto moveable parts of the application. 

Product Features: 

  • Max. Weight 600kg per system
  • Stroke Length: 150mm - 400mm (special strokes from 30mm up to 800mm)
  • Force per A-Cylinder required to compress: 70N
  • Several connecting parts available
  • Special A-Cylinder designs available upon request  

Z-Cylinder - No external compression force (load) required 

Gas spring components as well as our gas spring technology are used for this cylinder adjustment variation. The Z-Cylinder is a combination of our hydraulic adjustment cylinder and a gas traction spring. This variation allows the system to be compressed without the need of an external compression force (load). The Z-Cylinder can be installed in any position. 

Product Features: 

  • No external compression force (load) required
  • Stroke Length: 150mm - 400mm (special strokes from 30mm up to 800mm)
  • Standard Compression Force: 100N (approx 10kg)
  • Attention: The max load per cylinder will be reduced accordingly. Other compression forces on request.
  • Several connecting parts available
  • Special Z-Cylinder designs available upon request  

Linear unit

The new Bansbach linear unit can be mounted or installed at your application without any big efforts. With the linear unit, you will get a complete system with installed adjustment cylinder. 

Product features: 

  • Stroke from 150 to 400 mm
  • E- and Z-Cylinder suitable
  • No additional guide required
  • Different adapter plates for fixing
  • Stroke loads of up to 150 kg / cylinder
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Piston rod stainless steel  

Application examples

  • At work: 
    • office workplace
    • workbench
    • assembling table
    • lectern
    • sales counters
    • mobile workshop
  • Medical & rehabilitation equipment: 
    • hospital bed
    • massage table
    • laboratory furniture
    • bathtub
  • In the flat:
    • dining table
    • TV table
    • changing table
    • bed
    • kitchen
    • bar


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