Gear reducers and gearmotors

Rossi Motoriduttori Group from Modena is one of Europe’s largest industrial groups for the production and sales of gear reducers, gearmotors, electronic speed variation and electrical brake motors.


Product range

  • Worm gear reducers, also in EX version,
  • Coaxial gear reducers, also in EX version,
  • Planetary gear reducers,
  • Shaft mounted gear reducers,
  • Paralell and right angle shaft gear reducers,
  • Gearmotors,
  • Integrated low backlash planetary servogearmotors synchronous and asynchronous servomotors.



  • Output power P1 = 0,09 - 160 kW
  • Nominal toque MN2 ≤ 400 kNm
  • Gear ratio in =  1... 16 000



elevators, mixers, conveyors, pumps, food industry, textile industry      













Sales Engineer

Ömer Batuhan Acar
Tel. +36 70 623 3500 (in English)

Sales Engineer

Hunor Deák-Sala
Tel. +36-29-557-763
Mob. +36 20 421 4989

Managing Director

Róbert Vízkeleti
Tel. +36-29-557-760

Inside Sales Assistant

Orsolya Balla
Tel. +36-29-557-762
Rossi Helical and bevel helical gear units G Series
Coaxial gear unit
Rossi Planetary gear units EP Series
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