Vibration damping plates


SLAB vibration damping plates of the SL-170 to SL-720 are universally applicable elastic PUR materials that are manufactured according to a patented formula and which are used throughout industry.

The standard densities of 170  kg/m3 to 720 kg/m3 serve as vibration insulation in a wide variety of applications.

For specific applications, special designs with specific densities can be manufactured.

The static and dynamic product characteristics are precisely defined.

The effectiveness of elastic suspension can be calculated in advance. The necessary parameters are shown on a respective checklist. 



Main features of SLAB vibration damping plates: 

  • Densities: 170kg/m3 (SL-170), 210kg/m3 (SL-210), 275kg/m3 (SL-275), 450kg/m3 (SL-450), 600kg/m3 (SL-600) and 720kg/m3 (SL-720).
  • Static load range: 0- 0,5 N/mm2.
  • Dynamic load range: 0- 0,75 N/mm2.
  • Peak load range: 0- 5 N/mm2.



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