Precision speed/feed controls

The hydraulic speed/feed controls of ACE Controls consists of two main group.


The VC precision feed controls are sealed hydraulic units fitted with a high precision metering element. When the  piston rod is depressed the hydraulic oil is forced through the adjustable precision metering orifice. This provides a constant and precise feed control throughout the stroke length. The feed rate can be adjusted over a wide range by turning the external adjuster knob at the rear end of the unit.

The threaded outer body makes installation and the adjustment of feed control travel limits very simple. FA, MA and MVC are similar feed control units intended for applications where the higher precision of the VC series is not required. Precision feed controls are self-contained, maintenance-free, temperature stable and stick-slip free. The rolling diaphragm seal provides a leakproof sealed unit and also provides an integral accumulator for the oil displaced during operation.

The high precision, adjustable metering system can provide accurate feed rates from as low as 12 mm/min with light propelling forces. Applications include saws, cutters, drill feeds, grinding and boring machines in the plastics, metal, wood and glass industries.

The standard hydraulic speed/feed controls from ACE are maintenance-free, self-contained sealed units for precise control of speed in both directions of travel. The travel speed can be adjusted independently in each direction of travel. Applications include pick and place, machine slides and guards, flaps and hoods etc. The wide variety of mounting accessories make the DVC easy to install on many different types of application.


Main features of precision speed/ feed controls: 

  • Build size: M8x1, M10x1, M12x1, M14x1,5, M20x1,5, M25x1,5.
  • Stroke range: 8- 125mm.
  • Propelling force range: 8- 3 500 N.
  • Feed rate range: min. 0,013m/min – max. 38m/min. 

Main features of standard speed/feed controls (DVC-32, HBD-70):

  • Body diameter:8/ 32mm and 14/ 70mm.
  • Stroke range: 50- 500mm.
  • Damping options: damping on out stroke/ damping on in stroke/ damping in both direction.
  • Adjustable compression and extension force range: 42- 10 000N.

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