SLAB damping plates

SLAB damping plates of the SL-030, SL-100 and SL-300 series are visco-elastic PUR materials that are manufactured according to a patented formula and which were especially designed to absorb shock loads.

At the same time, the resulting structure-borne noise is effectively reduced. This material is characterized by its very high inner damping.

The rebound elasticity is around < 30 % (Tolerance +/-10%).

The result makes this product an alternative to hydraulic end-of-travel damping, if the load doesn’t need to be stopped accurately and the energy doesn‘t have to be reduced by 100%. 


Main features of SLAB damping plates: 


  • Densities: 270kg/m3 (SL-030), 500kg/m3 (SL-100) and 800kg/m3 (SL-300).
  • Impact velocity range: max. 5m/s.
  • Energy capacity range/cycle : 2,3- 150 Nm.
  • Material: mixed cellular PUR-Elastomer.
  • Material thickness: 12.5mm and 25mm.
  • Delivery forms: in roll max. 1,5 x 5m or cutted according to the customer request.



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