Vibration-Isolation Plates

Variable, flexible, custom-made


Vibration-isolating ACE plates are used whenever an adjusted isolation of vibrations and structure-borne noise is required.

The right damping solution for standard applications can be simply found by using the selection diagrams.

The right material type can be identified independently of the load via the desired damping in relation to the excitation frequency.

The ideal plate size can be quickly calculated on the basis of the load area.

A rough preselection of suitable plate materials can be made by consulting the permissible surface pressures of different plate materials.


The SLABand CEL plates can either be ordered in their standard size or cut according to customer request. We require the desired specifications and quantities for calculating the required parts.

The custom-cutting of the plates allow the realisation of almost any shape and solution. In addition, various plates can be layered, glued and combined with reinforcing plates (steel) or sliding layers (PTFE).

ThePADproduct group is made from fibre-reinforced plate material used for very high loads of up to 13.8 N/mm².


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