Rubber-Metal Isolators


Levelling Mounts(LEV)(height-adjustable machine feet): secure, adjustable stabilisation for all types of machines, transfer systems, assembly stations, etc.



Cup Mounts(CM): (for isolating machinery and equipment) Fail-safe isolators for all axes in any installation position. Application examples: compressors, off-road vehicles, engines, fans, etc.



Compression Mounts(COM) (pre-tensiones high-performace bearing surface): Vertically acting isolators for machinery and equipment. Applications include: blowers, compressors, motors, generators, presses, etc.



All Attitude Mounts(AAM) (vibration-isolating fasteners): Maintenance free isolators for decoupling parts and components in electronics, aerospace, the military, medicine transfer, etc.



Stable Flex Mounts(SFM) (stable machine feet): Extremely rugged and maintenance-free isolators, e.g. for marine applications, for diesel generators, in power generation or in off-road vehicles.



Bubble Mounts(BM) (low-frequency vibration isolators): For protecting small devices and electronic components, e.g. in medical technology, aerospace, electronic  systems or computers.



Universal Mounts(UMO) (universal connection isolators): Maintenance-free connection isolators which can be implemented both radially and axially. Application examples: conveying systems, machinery and equipment, off-road, oil and gas industry, control systems, etc.



Flex Locs(FL) (quick fastening elemets): Simple, efficient components with versatile applications as isolating fasteners for decoupling structure-borne sound in enclosures, housings, equipment and machinery.  For application in mechanical engineering, in buildings, vehicles, or navigation.



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