Low-Frequency Air Spring elements

PLM Air spring elements

PLM air spring elements offer low-frequency vibration and shock isolation for measuring stations, coordinate measuring machines, fans, air compressors, motor and generator units, high-speed presses and more.

The PLM air spring series comprises low-frequency vibration and shock isolators which reduce undesirable vibrations while simultaneously levelling the supported devices.

When used as a vibration damper, the internal air chamber already guarantees a signicifant isolating effect from 5Hz upwards. In an optimal loaded condition, the natural frequency is 3.0 Hz. PLM air spring elemets also isolate in a pressure-free state.


  • Low natural frequency of 3 Hz,
  • Easy level control via integrated valve,
  • Height regulation control on request,
  • Ratio of horizontal to vertical natural frequency 1:1. 

Areas of application: 

  • Measuring tables,
  • Test benches,
  • High-speed presses,
  • Production plants. 


PAL Air Spring Elements with Automatic Level Controls

Air spring elemets of the PAL series offer superior low-frequency vibration isolation for measuring devices, electron microscopes, MRT equipment, coordinate measuring machines and precision manufacturing machines.

PAL air spring systems use level-controlled air springs. These isolators are ideal for conditions which require a constant level and vibration isolation at the same time.

Standard PAL isolators have a natural frequency of up to 1.7 Hz – depending on the height of the isolator. Even lower natural frequencies (up to 0.5 Hz) are possible for isolators manufactured according to customer specification.

A complete PAL system consists of at lease three master isolators for a 3-point level control. Each isolator has a built-in level control valve which functions as a load detector and height control.

PAL air springs react quickly to changes in load or balance, with deviations from a preset position being automatically readjusted. 


  • Height-adjustable,
  • Low-frequency isolation, natural frequencies of up to 0.5 Hz possible. 

Areas of application: 

  • Test and measuring equipment,
  • Aircraft and automotive test benches,
  • Foundation bearing surfaces.

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